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As Ark ICT Consulting & Technology, we are looking for colleagues to develop interesting, yet challenging enterprise applications.

Job Description

Developing java components for feature development and maintenance tasks Coordinating with product owner, making sure, that feature definition does not have any ambiguity and the definitions are fully implemented Working closely with QA and making sure that everything, that goes in to production, is sane and goes with ARK' quality standards

Job requirements are as follows:

* Has at least two years of experience with web based java applications

* Worked with an Enterprise Development Framework such as Java EE or Spring

* JSF, JSP, JQuery, Ajax, Sencha Ext JS, CSS and HTML5

* Familiarity with Java DB concepts JDBC, ORM, Hibernate

* PL/SQL and .NET knowledge is not required but considered big assets

* Experience with Bootstrap technology

* Eclipse, Git, Jenkins, Tomcat, NetBeans

* Knowledgable with responsive design

* Experience with java technologies

* Talented and team work oriented

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As Ark ICT Consulting & Technology We are looking for 'C/C++ Developer' for our client;

Job requirements are as follows:

* BS in Computer Engineering or related fields,

* Minimum 2 years of Software development/Designing experience,

* Strong interpersonal skills

* Proactive approach for task<

* Analytic thinking

* Strong R&D focus

* Linux/Unix Systems knowledge

* Strong knowledge in C ( data structures, algorithms)

* Strong C++ knowledge ( templates, STL )

* System programming ( particularly in Linux/Unix domain )

* Shell scripting (/bash /python /perl/ )

* Performance focus in design

* Testable component design approach

* Strong unit test focus

* Reuse-oriented design practices

* Secure coding practices

* Formal SDLC exposure

* Exposure to technical documentation (Detailed Design, Test Strategy Document )

* Fluency in English (both verbal and written)

Desired Skills:

* Experience in web application programming (Jee, Php, .Net…)

* Web application security vulnerabilities knowledge (XSS, injection, etc.)

* Web application servers knowledge (tomcat, apache, IIS, etc.)

* Web related protocols knowledge (TCP, HTTP, SSL/TLS, etc.)

 If you want to work with us contact!

As Ark ICT Consulting & Technology, we are looking for colleagues to develop interesting, yet challenging enterprise applications. Job requirements are as follows:

Job Description

As a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst within ARK, you will be responsible for the analysis and interpretation of system requirements and technical specifications to create executable test cases for complex IT solutions as well as taking active part in system analysis. The candidate will be excited to have the ground floor opportunity to be part of the design and development of worldwide used applications.


* Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field preferred

* +2 years proficiency in the Quality Assurance and/or System Analysis phase of the Software Development Life Cycle

* Experience with requirement gathering and analysis documentation

* Experience in coding, building, deploying, automating and running test scripts and generating automated test reports for test runs

* Experience with QA testing tools like Selenium, Cucumber is preferred

* Familiarity with UI technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) is a plus

* Knowledge of UML, SQL, XML and web technologies

* Familiarity with Java, Scala is a plus

* Experience in Agile methodology and Agile delivery is a plus

Desired Skills :

* Be an active team player with a strong agile mindset and ready to thrive in a collaborative team with other strong team members.

* Volunteer in learning new technologies and taking on increasingly complex or challenging tasks.

* Exceptional critical thinking, problem solving and troubleshooting skills with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

* Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English.

* Strong sense of analytical thinking.

* Ability to manage multiple tasks effectively and efficiently?

 If you want to work with us contact!

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