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PROKEP Platform

HomesolutionsPROKEP Platform
HomesolutionsPROKEP Platform

Registered e-Mail Platform

Registered e-Mail
PROKEP Platform Registered e-Mail

Cloud-based Registered e-Mail Solution with Enterprise Integrations Complying With ETSI TS 102 640

End-to-End Registered e-Mail Solution
End-to-End Registered e-Mail Solution
REM Service Provider Structuring
Organizational Processes in line with eTOM
end-to-end prokep solution
Easy-to-use WebMail Solution


In the electronic era the communication between organizations and citizens are moving from traditional physical channels to electronic service providers. Since standard email cannot provide hundred percent authenticity and integrity of the content, sender and recipient information, the ETSI TS 102 640 standard for registered e-mail was defined. Currently implemented in Turkey, Germany and Italy, Registered e-Mail service providers acts as an electronic notaris responsible for secure transmission of emails, generating the necessary evidences and storing them in compliance with ISO 27001 and Business Continuity.

Ark provides an end-to-end solution for Registered e-mail and e-Invoice. Built on a single-point-of-access portal, the enterprise and private users can access and send registered emails and e-invoices via web portal or mobile devices. In addition, a web based CRM solution provides registration, activation, billing and collection of enterprise and private users.

Prokep, ETSI Standards Compliant Enterprise Integration Solutions for Registered e-Mail and e-Invoice
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The PROKEP Registered e-Mail Platform has the advantages listed below.

  • Via the PROKEP Platform, individual, enterprise or governmental users can send and receive registered e-mails
  • The registered e-mails sent and receive via the PROKEP Platform are valid legal documents. There is no need to share these documents in paper as well.
  • Electronic evidences are generated while sending or receiving registered e-mails, as defined in ETSI TS 102 640
  • The evidences are irrefutable in case of disputes
  • The PROKEP Platform provides the technical means of becoming an electronic notaris.
  • Supports mobile as well as electronic signature
  • The PROKEP Platform contains the business processes, regulatory requirements and technical solutions together.
  • The business processes refer to the eTOM (Enhanced Telecom Operations Map) standard.
  • The software modules are developed solely by Ark.
  • The PROKEP Platform comes with a web portal, mobile applications, system monitoring, event generation and CRM applications
  • Open source libraries are utilized.
  • In order to reduce licensing costs, the Linux operating system is utilized.
  • Our solutions do not bring extra licensing cost of application server, email server and database server to the operator.
  • The evidences generated complies with ETSI TS 102 640 Standard
  • The datacenter infrastructure and the drafted IT processes comply with BS 10012
  • The e-signature API complies with ETSI TS XAdES Standards

The PROKEP Platform comes with a web portal, mobile applications, system monitoring, event generation and CRM applications

Web Portal

  • Web Portal complies with the Turkish BTK Agency requirements
  • Web Portal provides an easy-to-adapt user interface to send and receive registered e-mail
  • The web portal interface complies with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • The web portal is developed with HTML 5, jQuery, ExtJS and Java technologies
  • The backend of the web portal complies with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) standards.

Mobile Application

  • The PROKEP Platform lets users to access incoming registered e-mails via iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • The enterprise users can check and forward incoming registered e-mails to other users in the same organizations
  • The evidences associated with the registered e-mails can be viewed, downloaded and validated with the mobile applications.
  • Registered e-mails can be drafted and saved to be sent later


  • The PROKEP Platform performs simultaneous data replication between data centers in an High Available mode.
  • Software integrated data replication feature reduces additional equipment costs for data replication.
  • Yazılımlar birden fazla veri merkezinde aktif / pasif yedekli modunda ya da aktif/aktif paralel modda çalıştırılabilmektedir.
  • Linux işletim sisteminde çalışmaktadır. Bu yüksek güvenlik, yönetilebilir performans ve kesintisiz işletilebilirlik anlamına gelmektedir. CentOS üzerinde sanal bilgisayarlarda çalıştırılması durumunda da lisans maliyetlerini ortadan kaldırmaktadır.
  • Uygulamaların koştuğu uygulama sunucuları da Apache Tomcat’tir. Bu uygulama sunucuları da lisanslama maliyeti gerektirmemektedir.
  • Veritabanı olarak Oracle, PostgreSql, MySql ve MsSql kullanılabilinir. Böylelikle işletmenin elindeki mevcut lisanslar kullanılabilinir. Uygun görülürse tamamen PostgreSql üzerinde sistem çalışmaktadır. Bu da sıfır lisans maliyeti anlamına gelmektedir.

High Security Modules

  • The HSM devices are mounted at each data center in a clustered mode
  • The HSM device store the enterprise certificates of the REM Service Provider to sign the evidences
  • The signers where the certificates are stored should comply with FIPS PUB 140-2 level 3
  • The signers comply with CWA 14167-2, CWA 14169 and ISO/IEC 15408 EAL 4+

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